Saturday, 3 August 2013

Not the Guggenheim

This week's module for the Architecture Academy was released late.  It was supposed to be the interior of the Guggenheim Museum in New York.   A bit frustrating, as I am on vacation this week and would have had time to give to it.  I'm off to Barcelona at the weekend for some R&R,  some relief from my keyboard for a change,  so not much prospect of rendering the Guggenheim anytime soon.

However,  not to waste time waiting,  I had another run through of the external building module.  This time working from a glossy brochure from a local builder.

I was quite a way into the modelling before I realised that the image in the brochure was also computer generated.  Some of the garden plants are repeated, and the reflections in the car are all wrong for the environment.  The image is too perfect,  the grass edges at cut with a ruler (and pasted in-place) and no grunge on the building whatsoever.

That upped the ante,  I wanted to do a better job at representing the building than whoever did the photoshopping in the original.  I don't think I have quite done that,  the original artist did a professional job.

Edit:  As is becoming traditional,  an update.  Improved on the garage door, main door, environment lighting and a couple of textures.

And the orignal for comparison:

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