Saturday, 1 February 2014


It takes a bit of effort to get from a sculpted head to a working model ready for posing and animation.  Sculpting creates an enormous number of polygons,  far too much to be useful in further scenes and models without some work.   Also,  for posing and animation,  the flow of edge-loops in the model has to work,  or you get some pretty ugly deformation.

After an evening of retopo work on the head,  making a suit, and using the Rigify add-on for Blender,  I have a poseable model.

It will be a couple of weeks until I can go through the same process with the Darling and Salmond sculpts.  And I am lining up Farage as a late addition.     With that done,  I will be reviewing old Spitting Image footage for some inspiration on political situation comedy.

I am making the Cameron model available under CC-Attrib.  You can grab a copy of the Blend file here.  Enjoy :) make images like this one: