Sunday, 27 November 2011

Blenderella - making progress with rigging and texturing

An update on my Blenderella model.  As previously posted, I followed the excellent Blenderella follow-along DVD from Angela Guenette.  I am happy with the model but have had some abortive attempts at rigging her for animation.

Using the rigify script. I finally completed the rigging.  I am now tweaking the weight painting at different poses.   The body is fully rigged but I now need to find a good face rig also.

I also made a start on UV Unwrapping and texturing, and converting my placeholder textures to Cycles.

Blenderella, taking shape.

For comparison,  here is the previous post.


Monday, 21 November 2011

A Wee Dram

Another tutorial on using the Blender Cycles render engine.  I am really amazed at how well glass and liquid's turn out using near default settings.

This image created following Andrew Price's tutorial on

A Wee Dram anyone?

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Barrels of fun

The great thing about using an open source application for creating 3d content is that updates get released frequently, and I get to play with them even before fully released.    But also the worst thing is that updates get released frequently, and I need to learn how to use them all over again!

There has just been some major updates to Blender, available from,  materials work in a completely different way,  the render engine has been revolutionised, camera tracking and dynamic paint plus other goodies from the summer coding efforts.

This is my first serious attempt to re-learn how materials work.

Following a tutorial on by Jonathan Williamson. 

Wireframe of the layout

New Material Node set-up for the Cycles Render Engine

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Scottish Politics is an interesting place these days with an ongoing battle for the minds of the population between the mainstream media and bloggers.   The phrase CyberNats (Cyber Nationalists) was coined to refer to online bloggers who challenge the storyline being pumped through the established news channels. 

Without going too political on here, I liked the imagery of a CyberNat, here is my interpretation based on the dreaded highland midge.

CyberNat fuel

Saturday, 5 November 2011

City Generator - take 2

Arrrg, I have no time to do this properly.  A 2nd attempt at a city scene using the City Generator.

There are obvious problems with this render.  But I need to go pack my bag for tomorrow morning's flight!

The fog effect is not effecting the reflection in the loch, I know, I know.  To be fixed later.

Lochside Apartments

Plug in details:  Suicidator City Generator 0.5 Pro

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

City Generator

I've been pretty busy at work,  no time for creative stuff.  I did receive a city generator plug-in I pre-paid for a month or so ago,  and then forgot about.  I was pretty happy to get the e-mail with the attachment. This is my first try using it. 

1st City Scene, very quick and easy.  Only an hour to get to this stage.
This is the raw output from the plug-in with minimal tweaking.  A bit of defocus to hide the worst of the texture shortcomings.  I hope to play with it some more after I get the next couple of business trips out of the way.

Plug in details:  Suicidator City Generator 0.5 Pro