Sunday, 14 July 2013

Andrew Price launches a new course - The Architecture Academy

Andrew Price has just launched a new follow-on from The Nature Academy - The Architecture Academy.

To promote the launch,  there is a preview tutorial on producing a simple interior scene,  which I have just completed:

Ontop of the tutorial, I retextured one of the book models,  pretty easily achieved by taking one from my bookshelf and scan the cover using my muti-purpose printer/scanner.  Messed around with the blind textures and adding a different image to the wall hanging. Also added a wee dram for the side table, modeling the bottle from a real one I have tucked away.   The whisky level in the real one is a bit lower than shown in the model by the time I finished.

The tutorial was basic,  and although I did learn some tips on using HDR files,  not a lot of new information in here.  However, where Andrew excels is in boiling the task down to its essential elements with attention to composition and colour to come up with pretty decent images.

As an individual tutorial on architectural interiors,  I learned more in the CGCookie tutorial last April.

The price-tag for The Architecture Academy course is a hefty $500 US. Since I am using Blender for my own enjoyment, and not a career move or anything I plan to make money out of, the price is off-putting.  However, I am still seriously considering signing up.  I really enjoyed The Nature Academy,  and following that course definately took my skills to a new level. My output has slowed in recent months and the timetable for the course is the sort of push I think I need.  With the added bonus of being able to fall behind and catch up later as real-life work inevitably gets in the way.

Update:  I went ahead and signed up - on the understanding this is my birthday gift sorted out for this year ;)

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