Monday, 20 August 2012

City Updated

I updated the City scene with a YouTube link below.

 City Overview

I also posted it on


  1. Hallo Gavin,
    It is very nice work indeed.
    I am a programmer, including 3D OpenGL.
    For a proof of concept - projecting live video streams on 3D models, I am looking for a city model. Is it possible to have an use your model for that?
    My email is:
    Best regards,

  2. How did you make this?
    I really want to make, simply a city overview for a project. Is there a way that you can make an overview without having to program anything? Would it be worth it to spend time programming just for an overview? Thanks.

  3. No programming involved, just a ton of modelling and texturing, some animation using objects following curves. What's your starting point, are you already using Blender?