Sunday, 6 May 2012

Rocket Animation

My images have been a little still recently.  I thought I should do some animation,  mainly because I am not so good at it and I could use the practise.  I based this on a tutorial by David Ward at CG Cookie but after watching it through,  I did the modelling and smoke sim on my own without reference to the tutorial.

A couple of painful learning points during the making of this clip.  1) Don't change the size of the smoke domain in Blender in edit mode.  There is some sort of bug and the domain MUST be a 2x2x2 cube, scaled in object mode.   2) Don't expect to save the file, reopen it and the smoke will play the same way twice.  After a few hours rendering, I shut down my PC, to continue rendering next morning.  Unless you have baked the smoke sim to a cache on disk,  it will be slightly different each time you create it in memory after reloading Blender. 

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