Monday, 15 August 2011


I adapted the week-6 tutorial and modelled some thistles.  The head and spikes on the bulb are both particle systems,  the leaves have both modelled spines and a coating of particle spines.

I thought the scene suited mountains as a backdrop rather than a tree-line and I really like the fog effect.  Edit:  I really hate the fog effect

Let me know what you think?

Also, this is the reference image for the leaf, I still have not got this quite right.  Edit: reasonably happy with the leaves now.

Hmm, another EDIT,  leaves not quite right.  Original below, new one above.

Light fog - this is better:

Edit:  After sleeping on it, I didn't like the heavy fog so much.  The original is below, I replaced the image above with a new one.

Full fog: